Using the Image Registration Translate & Rotate Tools

When creating, editing (only Full Editing Mode), or copying an SRO, the Translate & Rotate tools will become available, along with several useful keyboard shortcuts. Press the Translate & Rotate button to toggle the Translate & Rotate tools. Use the Translate & Rotate dropdown to use the following controls:

  • Mode: Selecting Translation & Rotation will enable both translations and rotations. Selecting Translation Only will disable rotations.
  • Allow Arbitrary Center of Rotation: Leave this checked if you wish to be able to move the center of rotation (see instructions below). Uncheck this box is you wish to disable this feature.
  • Reset Center of Rotation: Press this button to reset the center of rotation to the center of the secondary image set.

A yellow guide will appear in the in all three views when the Translate & Rotate tools are active. The guide consists of three distinct regions:

  • Inside Inner Circle (only available if Allow Arbitrary Center of Rotation is checked): Press and hold your mouse within this region to drag the center of rotation to another position.
  • Outside Inner Circle, Inside Outer Circle: Press and hold the mouse within this region to translate the secondary image set.
  • Outside Outer Circle: Press and hold the mouse within this region to rotate the image set about the center of rotation (the center of the crosshairs).

For information on using the Review tools while editing an image registration, please see Using the Image Registration Review Tools.


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