Collection — DVH

Note: You must have an Analytics license to access collections.

Accessing the Population DVH

When you access a collection, click on the DVH tab to view population DVH curves across the collection or workspace collection representation. The list of configured analysis structures with occurrence counts will be displayed in the left sidebar. Selecting one of these structures activates it and allows you to view the population DVH for the selected structure with 0, 25, 50, 75, and 100 percentile bands. Initially, there will be no analysis structures configured for the collection (see Editing Analysis Structures).

Editing Analysis Structures

  1. With the DVH tab activated, press the Edit button at the top of the sidebar.
  2. Add structures to the analysis structures by activating the Add Structure dropdown and choosing an available structure from the list. Use the input to filter the list by the structure name. Delete a structure from the list by clicking the trash icon for the row.
  3. Press the Save button to save the list of analysis structures.

Note: You must have the Update Collections permission on the collection to edit analysis structures for the collection.

Download Population DVH

  1. With the proper structure selected, press the download button located in the toolbar above the population DVH.
  2. Enter a Resolution between between 0.1 and 1, inclusive.
  3. If you are interested in just the population DVH data and not the individual DVH curves for each patient, select  Download population DVH data.

    If you are interested in the individual DVH curves in addition to the population DVH data, select  Download population DVH data AND individual DVH curves for each patient. Then choose the Next button.

  4. Press the Download button to initiate the download.

Patient Highlight

To determine where a single patient falls in the population DVH for the selected structure, open the patients right sidebar, and click the patient to select it. The DVH curve for the selected patient and the selected structure will be displayed in black on top of the population DVH curve data.

Note: To view a list of all patients within the collection, open the Patients right sidebar and toggle Show all Patients. Patient names will be anonymized for patients on which the user does not have Read Patients permission.

Note: You must have the Read Patient permission on a patient to fetch the DVH curve data for the patient.


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