Managing Collections


Collections in ProKnow help you analyze key metrics across your organization. This article explains how to find your collections and create new ones.

Note: You must have an Analytics license to access collections.

What's the difference between an organization collection and a workspace collection?

This article talks about both organization and workspace collections. Each of these collection types allows you to analyze metrics across a group of patients. Workspace collections are limited in that you can only add patients that belong to a particular workspace. Organization collections, on the other hand, allow you to analyze cohorts of patients organization-wide.

Read more about the differences and when to use each type in our Organization Versus Workspace Collections guide.

Viewing Collections

To view the collections in your organization, select the Collections module from the main navigation on the left. Use the workspace dropdown at the top of the page to switch workspaces. Choose a workspace to view collections with representations in that workspace. Choose All Workspaces to view organization collections. If your organization has many workspaces, search for the one you're looking for by filtering the workspaces by name.


A similar filter mechanism is available to filter the list of collection. You can filter the patients by typing the collection name or part of its description.


Viewing Collection Details

Double-click on a collection row in the table to view analysis information across the population of patients that have been added to the collection.

Creating Collections

  1. To create a workspace collection, select a workspace from the workspace selector. To create an organization collection, select All Workspaces.
  2. Press the create collection button aligned to the right of the large toolbar at the top of the page. If you are creating a workspace collection it will say Create Workspace Collection. If you are creating an organization collection, it will say Create Organization Collection.
  3. Enter a unique collection Name and a Description. The name must be unique within each workspace (or across all organization collections if creating an organization collection). If you are creating an organization collection, you may also choose to initialize the organization collection with a set of workspaces. This will allow you to start adding patients from the selected workspaces immediately after creating the collection.
  4. Press the Create button to create the collection.

Note: You must have the Create Collections permission on the organization to create organization collections. You must have the Create Collections permission on the workspace to create workspace collections for that workspace.

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