Defining Renaming Rules


Renaming rules can be critical to your organization when analyzing large cohorts of patients in which ROI names do not follow a consistent naming convention. Use renaming rules to automatically rename structures matching your criteria for future imports or execute a renaming operation on data that has already been imported.

Accessing Renaming Rules

To access your organization's renaming rules, click on the ProKnow icon in the top left corner of the page, and select Renaming Rules under Organization Settings. Just to the right of the main navigation are vertical tabs for the other Organization Settings. The remainder of the view is devoted to the area where the renaming rules may be defined. If you do not yet have any renaming rules, this space will contain a box titled, "No Renaming Rules." Otherwise, your renaming rules will be displayed in the table.


Editing Renaming Rules

Note: You must have the Update Renaming Rules permission to update the set of renaming rules for your organization.

  1. Press the Edit button in the renaming rules toolbar.
  2. Edit the renaming rules as needed.

    To add a new rule, press the Add rule... button, choose the rename rule type, and fill in the required fields. The criteria field will be used to test against candidate structure names. If a match is found, the structure will be replaced with the renaming rule's value. For is one of... renaming rules, you can define up to 100 synonyms for the rule's criteria.

  3. To delete a renaming rule from the set, press the trash icon in the Actions column.
  4. Press the Save button to save the renaming rules configuration.

Searching and Executing Rules

Editing Renaming Rules

Note: You must have the Search Renaming Rules permission to search for structure sets matching a renaming rule. You must have the Execute Renaming Rules permission to execute a renaming rule on the structure sets across the organization.

  1. You can search for structures that match a rule and then execute the rule on those structures. To begin, click Search in the Actions column for the rule you wish to search.
  2. Review the list of structures in the table on the next page. If no matching structures were found, a box titled "No Matching Occurrences" will be displayed instead.
  3. To execute the rule, press the Execute button.
  4. Confirm that you wish to execute the rule by pressing Execute in the confirmation window. Renaming will take place in the background. You can press Dismiss to close the window at any time. When you press the Dismiss button, you will be directed back to the list of renaming rules. To view the status of a renaming operation that is in progress, click Status in the Actions column. To view the results of a completed renaming operation, click Results.

Was your renaming rule skipped for one or more structures?

If a match is found for a renaming rule that is processing, one of two things will happen. Either the structure will be renamed with the rule's value as expected or the rule will skip that structure. A structure will be skipped if the rule's value conflicts with a structure that is already defined in the structure set. We suggest handling these cases on a case-by-case basis.

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