System Requirements


The purpose of this document is to provide an indication of the minimum and recommended system requirements to be able to access ProKnow DS.

Internet Reliability

It is critical that users maintain sufficiently performant and reliable internet connectivity while using ProKnow DS. The Hardware Requirements section below lists specific download and upload recommendations, however, the reliability of the internet connectivity is also very important. ProKnow DS has been designed to be resilient to internet connectivity issues, however, it is impossible to predict all side-effects when operating with an unreliable internet connection. As such, it is important that all users are made aware that it is their responsibility to verify the correctness of data entered or uploaded into the system, especially in the event of an internet connectivity issue while working in ProKnow DS.

Supported Browsers

The ProKnow DS application is a browser-based (i.e., web-based), client-side application that utilizes the latest HTML5 and JavaScript capabilities to achieve a high-performance, interactive user experience. Since ProKnow is browser-based, there is no need to download and install any additional local software beyond a supported internet browser. In order to maintain a safe and consistent operating experience, however, ProKnow DS limits official support to the latest versions of the following browsers:

These browsers were selected for their consistently high performance, support of key web technologies, cross-platform availability, and cost (both are free). While other modern browsers (Apple Safari, etc.) may function properly while using ProKnow DS, we make no guarantee of performance, stability, or accuracy while using an unsupported browser. Furthermore, in order to obtain technical support for ProKnow DS, all users must be using one of the officially supported browsers.

Please note that ProKnow will not function using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Hardware Requirements

Despite being a web-based application, ProKnow DS performs computationally intensive visualization and processing of patient data. As such, it is important that the underlying system used to access the application is able to adequately perform the necessary operations. In addition, it is important to have a reliable and sufficiently fast internet connection while using ProKnow DS. The following hardware specifications represent our minimum suggested requirements:

Operating Systems Windows 7, Windows 10, and macOS High Sierra
Processor Dual Core 2.2+  GHz Intel or equivalent processor
Memory 8 GB
Video WebGL compatible graphics card
Display 1280 x 800 effective display resolution (1900 x 1080 recommended)
Internet Download 30+ Mbps high speed internet connection
Internet Upload 5+ Mbps upload
Input Device Pointer-based interface (i.e., non-touch)

Mobile Devices

The prevalence of mobile devices (e.g., phones and tablets) makes it important to note that although we do not prevent access to ProKnow DS from mobile devices, any device used to access ProKnow DS MUST meet all minimum System Requirements in order to be supported. The most notable requirement that many phones and tablets will not meet is the minimum effective display resolution. Please note that effective display resolution is different than the native resolution of the display. Many devices are designed with high density displays (e.g., retina displays) that have a native resolution of 2 or 4 times the effective display resolution. Given the amount of information displayed while using ProKnow DS, the effective resolution of the device must meet or exceed the specifications listed above in order to properly render all of the content at one time. Another requirement that many mobile devices will not meet is that the primary input device MUST support a pointer-based interface (not touch-based). Touch-based interfaces are difficult to accurately interpret when performing high-accuracy operations such as contouring. Although these two requirements will prevent most mobile devices from meeting the system requirements, there are modern tablets (e.g., Microsoft Surfaces) that are 100% compatible with the minimum requirements and would therefore be fully supported.

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