Keyboard Shortcuts

Basic Viewer Controls

Next Slice: , , W, D

Previous Slice: , , A, S

Advance 5 Slices: Page Up

Back 5 Slices: Page Down

Navigation: 1

Window/Level: 2

Pan: 3

Zoom: 4

Cycle through controls: C

Explore Mode: Ctrl, Space

Close Context Menu: Esc

Contouring Controls

Draw: 5

Cancel Drawing (Draw Mode Only): Esc

Paint: 6

Increase Brush Diameter (Paint Mode Only): E

Decrease Brush Diameter (Paint Mode Only): Q

Cycle Through Controls: C

Toggle Additive/Subtractive Modes (Draw and Paint Mode): Shift, Alt

Registration Controls

Translation: T F G H

Rotate Counter-Clockwise: R

Rotate Clockwise: Y

Finer Adjustments: Hold Shift

Spyglass Controls

Decrease Spyglass Diameter: V

Increase Spyglass Diameter: B

Temporarily Toggle Spyglass: Hold N

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