Extracted & Custom Data (Information Tab)


The Information sidebar allows quick access to information related to the active patient, study, image set, structure set, plan, and dose, including custom metrics. In addition, the Information sidebar can be used to update the custom metric data attached at each level.

Note: You must have the Update Patients permission on a patient to edit custom metrics for the patient.

Viewing Information

To view information for the selected patient, click the Information tab located in the right sidebar. The panels corresponding to the activated patient objects will be displayed in the sidebar content area. Each panel may be opened and closed independently by clicking on the panel header.

Editing Information

  1. Open the Information tab located in the right sidebar.
  2. Open the panel you wish to modify, and click the edit button in the footer of the panel.
  3. Click on Customize to add and remove custom metrics from the panel.
  4. Modify the custom metric values as needed.
  5. Press Save to save your changes.
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