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Use this article to learn about configuring dose levels and dose visibility settings.

Dose Levels and Visibility

When you access a patient, click on the Dose tab to view and manage the dose display. The majority of the screen is devoted to the patient viewer, where you can examine the active image set, structure set, and dose. On the left is the dose sidebar, with a list of the isodose levels defined for the patient's active dose object. Default dose levels come preconfigured when you first load the patient but can be customized to suit your needs.

Determining Initial Dose Levels

When there is a single prescribed dose in the plan, that value is used as the normalization dose in Gy. If there are multiple prescribed doses in the plan, then we choose the value that best represents the entire prescription. If there are no prescribed doses, the maximum dose is used as the normalization dose.

Configuring Dose Visibility Settings

  1. With the Dose tab activated, press the eyeball dropdown button at the top of the sidebar.
  2. Under Colorwash, uncheck the Colorwash Enabled checkbox to disable the colorwash. With the colorwash enabled, however, you can set the Opacity using the opacity slider.

    Under Isodose, uncheck the Isodose Enabled checkbox to hide the isodose lines.

Configuring Dose Levels

With the Dose tab activated, there are two ways to configure the dose levels for the active dose. The first method is using the Auto Level tool, which sets up levels for you automatically based on the Normalization Dose and Increment you provide. The second method involves manually adding, updating, and removing individual levels until you have exactly the set you need.

Auto Level

  1. Click on the auto level button denoted by an icon showing group of small cogs.
  2. Choose between Derived or Manual mode.
    • Manual mode allows you to enter any value for the Normalization Dose in Gy.
    • Derived mode allows you to select the normalization value from a list of options. These options include the Max Dose value in Gy and the values of the prescribed doses in the current plan (if any) in Gy.
  3. If in Manual mode, specify a Normalization Dose in Gy. If in Derived mode, select a Normalization Dose from the list of options.
  4. Specify an Increment percentage.
  5. Press the Apply button to configure the levels based on your configuration settings.

Adding, Editing, and Removing Levels

  • Add a Level: Click the plus icon in the header to add a level. Enter the Dose value in Gy for the level and press Add.
  • Edit a Level: Click the pencil icon for the level you wish to edit. Modify the value and Color as needed, and press Save to apply your changes.
  • Remove a Level: Click the trash icon for the level you wish to remove.

NOTE: ProKnow automatically saves the configured dose visibility settings and levels for each patient if the current user has the Update Patients permission on the patient. If the current user does not have the Update Patients permission on the patient, they can still modify the dose visibility settings and levels, but any changes will not be saved.

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