Managing Patient Checklists within Workflows


Patient checklists that belong to a workflow may be viewed from the Workflows page. Use this article to learn how to view and manage patient checklists within workflows.

Accessing Patient Checklists

To view the patient checklists in your organization belonging to each workflow, select the Workflows module from the main navigation on the left. Use the workspace dropdown at the top of the page to filter the patient checklists by a particular workspace or choose All Workspaces to view the patient checklists across the entire organization. Use the workflow selector to switch the selected workflow, which will update the main view with only the patient checklists belonging to that workflow.

The patient checklists for the selected workflow are organized by the current state of each workflow. Each patient checklist denotes the name of the checklist and the name and ID of the patient. If the checklist has tasks, the proportion of tasks marked as either Done or Exception will be shown along with any users still assigned to an uncompleted task.

What does everything mean?


  1. Workflow State. The workflow state in which the patient checklist belongs.
  2. Workspace, Checklist Name, and Patient Information. This section lists information related to the workspace (if "All Workspaces" is selected), the name of the checklist, and the name and ID of the patient.
  3. Task Count. The number of tasks marked as Done or Exception over the total number of checklists.
  4. Assigned Users. The users who are assigned to uncompleted tasks in the patient checklist. If a task is assigned to you, your initials will be outlined in green. Additionally, pending assignments (assignments beyond an unreached checkpoints) will appear slightly greyed out (e.g., RW above).

Updating the State of a Patient Checklist

  1. Identify the patient checklist you wish to move to another state.
  2. Click and drag the checklist to the new state, and drop it to complete the operation.

Note: You must have the Update Patient permission on a patient to update the state of a checklist for the patient.

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