Configuring DICOM DS Options

Accessing DICOM DS Options

To access the configuration options for DICOM DS, point your browser to http://localhost:9526 to open the Management Console. If you're attempting to access the Management Console from a different machine, replace "localhost" with the IP address of the machine on which DICOM DS is running. If you are running the JAR file manually using a port other than 9526, replace 9526 with that port. If DICOM DS is running, you should see a page that looks like this.


Select the Options module from the main navigation on the left to view the configurable options for DICOM DS.

Configuring the Log Level

  1. With the Options module selected from the main navigation menu, select the Logs section under the General category.
  2. Update the Log Level using the provided dropdown. The Warnings level is recommended, however, a ProKnow support engineer may recommend another level while attempting to diagnose a problem with DICOM DS.
  3. Press Save to save your configuration options.
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