Resolving Uploads that Need Attention


Uploads can be marked as "Needs Attention" if duplicate or conflicting entities are detected. Use this article to learn about how to resolve these uploads.

Underlying Causes of Uploads that Need Attention

There are a few reasons why an upload may show up under the Needs Attention tab.

  1. A patient with the same ID has already been imported with a different name, causing the strict patient name consistency checks to fail. This can sometimes happen if you use different anonymization schemes when exporting patient objects from your systems.
  2. The SOP instance UID (0008,0018) or series instance UID (0020,000E) for files you are trying to upload match the UIDs of patient objects that have already been uploaded and processed in the current workspace. This can sometimes happen if you upload and import the same files more than once.
  3. DICOM objects with the same UID have been imported already and contain conflicting values. This is very rare and unlikely to occur in practice.

Resolving Pending Uploads

  1. With the proper workspace selected, choose the Needs Attention tab.
  2. Press the Resolve button corresponding to the patient files you wish to resolve.
  3. Follow the instructions in the Resolve Uploads Wizard. At the end you will have the opportunity to review your selections before pressing the Finish button to commit your changes. The uploads will be removed or reprocessed according to your selections. Depending on what you chose to do, the uploads may end up under Needs Attention again, so it's a good idea to monitor the progress of uploads as they are being reprocessed.

Note: You must have the Create Patients permission on a workspace to resolve "Needs Attention" uploads in that workspace.

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