Anonymized Mode


Anonymized mode can be enabled to obfuscate PHI from the interface even if you have View PHI permissions. It will also, however, prevent you from taking certain actions such as creating new patients in the system or uploading DICOM files.

Effects of Anonymized Mode

When anonymized mode is enabled, the interface will behave as if you do not have View PHI and Download DICOM permissions. Wherever a patient is displayed in the user interface, it's ID and name will contain anonymized values and the patient's birth date, birth time, and sex will be hidden from view. In addition certain buttons will no longer be available. For example, the Create Patient button from the patients page and the Download button from the patient actions menu will be hidden from view with anonymized mode turned on.

If you already do not have View PHI and Download DICOM permissions, enabling and disabling anonymized mode will have no effect.

Toggling Anonymized Mode

Use the following steps to toggle anonymized mode:

  1. Once you are signed in, click on the ProKnow icon in the top left corner of the page, and find the Anonymized Mode switch.
  2. Toggle Anonymized Mode on to enable anonymized mode or off to disable anonymized mode. The setting will take affect immediately.
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