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A ProKnow user is an entity (usually a person) who uses the system. A user must be assigned to exactly one role. This article explains how to manage users.

Note: You must have the Manage Users, Roles, and Workspaces permission to manage users for your organization.

Viewing Users

To view your organization's users, click on the ProKnow icon in the top left corner of the page, and select Users under Identity and Access Management. Just to the right of the main navigation are vertical tabs for each of the Identity and Access Management components. Use these tabs to switch quickly between the pages for workspaces, roles, and users. The users sidebar is to the right of the tabs. The sidebar holds a list of users that belong to the organization with a button to create users at the top. Click on one of the users to select it.

The main content area will update to display the details for the selected user. You will notice a large grey bar at the top of this space. On the left is the name of the user with a link to the user's role and a link to send the user an email. On the right you will find buttons for editing and deleting the selected user.


Inactive Users

By default, only active users are shown in the list. To show inactive users, too, click on the filter dropdown and check the box next to Show Inactive.

Creating Users

  1. Press the Create button at the top of the users sidebar.
  2. Enter the user's  Name and Email and assign a Role from the dropdown. The email must be unique across all users in your organization.
  3. Press the Create button to create the user.

What's next for your users?

For every user you create, we recommend you point them to our article Logging In for the First Time and Beyond and our searchable help articles, which will help them get started in ProKnow.

Editing Users

  1. With a user selected from the sidebar, press the Edit button.
  2. Modify the field values as needed. The Email must be unique across all users in your organization.

  3. Press the Save button to save your changes to the user.

Updating a User's Role

Changes to a user's role will take effect immediately. However, in certain situations, the user interface may not be updated to reflect these changes until after the user refreshes the page or signs in again.

Deleting Users

  1. With a user selected from the sidebar, press the Delete button.
  2. To confirm that you wish to delete the role, press the Delete button.

A Note About Deleting Users

Please note that you may not delete users once they have performed operations that have become part of historical records. In these cases, you may deactivate the user instead.

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