ProKnow DS

Getting Started Tutorials


How to log in to your ProKnow DS account.

4 articles

Initial Setup: Workspaces, Roles, and Users

How to set up your workspaces, roles, & users.

4 articles

Initial Setup: Metrics, Templates, and Naming Rules

How to design standardized metrics, scorecard templates, & structure re-naming rules.

3 articles

Patient Data: Upload & Download

How to anonymize, upload (archive), & download (retrieve) patient data.

5 articles

Patient Data: View, Edit, & Analyze

How to view, interact with, & analyze patient data.

7 articles

Patient Collections: Create, View, & Analyze

How to create, view, & analyze cohorts of patients (i.e., collections).

8 articles

Quality Systems: Building Plan Studies and Contouring Libraries

Use ProKnow DS to design (1) plan quality studies & (2) anatomy contouring libraries.

2 articles

Online Help

Instructions for Use

How and when to use ProKnow DS

5 articles

User Management and Access

Logging in and identity and access management

9 articles


Set up structure naming rules, custom metrics, and metric templates

5 articles

DICOM DS Local Data Services

Local DICOM data services with auto-anonymization features.

7 articles

Uploading Patient Data

Uploading DICOM data and custom metrics, and post-upload data processing

6 articles

Patient Module

Viewing, searching, retrieving, and deleting patient data

16 articles

Interactive Viewer

Viewing patient images, structures, and dose

5 articles

Collection Module

'Big data' analysis of computed and custom metrics for patient collections

10 articles

Technical Appendices

Detailed discussions on technical topics and special tools

5 articles